FAQ: What fire classification does Zenova FP fire protection paint have?

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What fire classification does Zenova FP fire protection paint have?


All Zenova products are subjected to extensive testing and our Zenova FP fire protection paint has been awarded the most stringent fire safety classifications there are, including the latest BS EN 13501 and tested to CAN/ULC S102 and UL 723 tests. Full details of the testing each product has been subjected to can be found on our product pages.

BS EN 13501-1 classification is the very latest fire safety test and is now adopted by building regulators and is achieved following more stringent combustibility tests than were previously in place. In achieving BS EN 13501-1 classification, Zenova FP fire protection paint becomes one of the few fire protection paints available which has achieved this highest standard of safety classification.

At Zenova we feel it is important to publish our test data on our website so that our customers have full knowledge of the testing our products have undergone, and the results they have achieved. We are always happy to answer any testing related questions you may have and for you to undertake your own tests on our products.

Zenova’s testing demonstrates how the safety and performance of our products is central to what we do and is underpinned by them meeting the latest and most rigorous safety and performance standards available. At Zenova we are continually identifying additional tests and safety classifications for our products to ensure they continue to be at the forefront of safety and performance.

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