FAQ: Is there a benefit in applying the insulating paint to the exterior and interior wall – to restrict cold ingress and prevent internal heat loss? Does this approach offer the benefit of double thermal protection?

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外壁と内壁に断熱塗料を塗ることには利点がありますか? 冷気の侵入を制限し、内部の熱損失を防ぎますか?このアプローチは二重の熱保護の利点を提供しますか?


Yes, if used both internally and externally the results would be maximised, if just treating externally some internal heat would be lost into the fabric of the building. If using Zenova IP internally alongside the render this would prevent the heat loss into the fabric and also help to prevent any mould issues.

There would still be improvements using either as a stand-alone system but for maximised results both systems can be used together.