Zenova IP Steak Demo

Zenova IP Steak Demo

Video Description

A one millimetre thick sheet of stainless-steel has been painted with Zenova Primer, followed by two coats of Zenova IP. The first coat of Zenova IP was allowed to dry completely before the second coat was applied.

The steel sheet is placed on a gas stove which is ignited and within seconds has begun to heat up. 

To show how effective Zenova IP paint is at creating a thermal barrier, a piece of uncooked meat was placed onto the unpainted surface. It immediately begins to cook. You can see and hear the meat searing on the hot steel sheet. Meanwhile, a human hand is placed with ease on the side of the steel sheet that has been painted with Zenova IP. There is no discomfort, and it is clear to see the difference in temperature between the two sides.

This simple demonstration shows how effective Zenova Insulation Paint is at creating a thermal barrier. And when used to insulate homes, vehicles and buildings, will keep them warmer or cooler, and will help reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. 

Zenova IP Overview

ZENOVA IP thermal insulating paint embeds the most modern insulating technology in a thermos-like ultra-thin layer.

ZENOVA IP saves energy by increasing the thermal insulation level in commercial and residential buildings. Solar heat can increase the temperature within a building by 75% to 90%.

ZENOVA IP has been independently tested and validated to deflect, absorb and dissipate up to 75% of this heat, thereby reducing the inside temperature by up to 45%!

Suitable for both exterior and interior, on any type of surface.