Electric cars are safe, but can they be safer?

Electric Cars Are Safe, But Can They Be Safer? - Zenova

The short answer, yes. While today’s electric vehicles are equipped with the latest safety technology such as collision avoidance and impact resistance, they are still one of the most dangerous modes of personal transportation. To highlight this point, there have been several vehicle recalls confirming the dangers of the battery cells in electric vehicles. “The […]

Refrigerated shipping containers ripe for new energy efficiencies

Refrigerated Shipping Containers Ripe For New Energy Efficiencies - Zenova

The transport sector is under considerable pressure to increase fuel efficiency. While CO2 emissions are falling in many other sectors, transport emissions are expected to rise in the future. Shipping currently accounts for about 3% of global CO2 emissions, but its share is expected to grow as a result of increased transportation, in combination with […]