£2.4m Fire Protection Paint Order

£2.4M Fire Protection Paint Order - Zenova

Zenova Group PLC is pleased to announce that it has secured a two-year contract for 200,000 litres of its FP coating with the sprayers group, Drips and Sparks Ltd, to apply Zenova FP to steel surfaces at Gracewood Construction Ltd’s project sites in the UK.

Zenova expands into Romania through appointment of new Sub-Distributor

Zenova Expands Into Romania Through Appointment Of New Sub-Distributor - Zenova

Zenova Group is pleased to affirm the continued success of its recently announced B2B strategy in the signing of another European distribution agreement, this time in Romania, with a partner attracted by the Company’s certification standards across its paints and extinguisher products.

Inaugural Zenova FP paint order for solar panelled roof market in Greece

Inaugural Zenova Fp Paint Order For Solar Panelled Roof Market In Greece - Zenova

Zenova Group PLC (AIM: ZED), a provider of proprietary fire safety and heat management solutions with applications across housing, industrial, and commercial sectors, today is pleased to announce an inaugural order in Greece for its proprietary fire-retardant intumescent Zenova FP paint

Omnis to Showcase ZENOVA Heat and Fire Protection Coatings

Omnis To Showcase Zenova

Omnis and partners Zenova Group Plc will exhibit life-saving fire and thermal coatings at The Heat & Fire Expo in Anaheim, CA on November 9-10, 2022.

Located at Stand 485 in Hall D (West of the networking area 477,) Omnis will introduce ZENOVA’s fire and heat technologies through live demonstrations.

Zenova ‘Fire Investigation Demonstrations’

Zenova ‘Fire Investigation Demonstrations’ - Zenova

Zenova Group PLC (AIM: ZED) has commissioned Gardiner Associates Training and Research to undertake live demonstrations of its Zenova FP fire protection paint in various environments, including furnished domestic rooms.

Zenova Products To Be Used At Major Film & TV Studios

Zenova Products To Be Used At Major Film &Amp; Tv Studios - Zenova

Zenova Group PLC (AIM: ZED) is pleased to announce that Bells and Two Tones Fire and Rescue Limited (“B&TT”), the leading fire safety provider within the UK TV and film industry, has assessed, approved, and placed its first order of Zenova fire safety products.

UK’s biggest house builders set aside £500m for building safety remediation

Uk’s Biggest House Builders Set Aside £500M For Building Safety Remediation - Zenova

A total of £494.5m has been set aside by six of the country’s largest 10 builders to address building safety issues discovered in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy in 2017. The developers that responded to Inside Housing were Taylor Wimpey, which has set aside £165m; Bellway, which has provided £131.6m; and Barratt, which has contributed […]

Post Grenfell changes coming… Eventually

Post Grenfell Changes Coming... Eventually - Zenova

Although it’s been almost 3 years since the tragedy that claimed the lives of 72 people in the fire on June 14, 2017 at the 24-story Grenfell Tower in London, change is finally starting to come. When a tragedy such as this happens, it serves as a wake-up call for regulators and governments worldwide. However, […]

Continued improvement need to keep planes safe from fire

Continued Improvement Need To Keep Planes Safe From Fire - Zenova

Shockingly, the current in-flight fire safety solution is simply to “land as soon as possible”. And while there are active fire fighting systems on board in the event a fire breaks out such as automatic fire suppression systems and fire extinguishers, there is very little in the way of passive fire protection (to prevent the […]

Electric cars are safe, but can they be safer?

Electric Cars Are Safe, But Can They Be Safer? - Zenova

The short answer, yes. While today’s electric vehicles are equipped with the latest safety technology such as collision avoidance and impact resistance, they are still one of the most dangerous modes of personal transportation. To highlight this point, there have been several vehicle recalls confirming the dangers of the battery cells in electric vehicles. “The […]