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Dulux appointed as Distributor for Zenova in UK

Dulux appointed as Distributor for Zenova in UK

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Dulux appointed as Distributor for Zenova in UK

Zenova Group PLC (AIM: ZED) is especially pleased to announce Dulux Decorator Centre, UK and Europe's largest paint and decorating manufacturer have been officially appointed distributor and stockist of the paint ranges of Zenova Group.

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Published: September 6, 2023


Zenova Group PLC (AIM: ZED) is especially pleased to announce Dulux Decorator Centre, UK and Europe’s largest paint and decorating manufacturer have been officially appointed distributor and stockist of the paint ranges of Zenova Group. Dulux is a principal subsidiary of AkzoNobel Group, the world’s 4th largest consumer and industrial coatings business.

Dulux has entered into a framework agreement for 3 years for all Zenova coatings solutions: Zenova FP, Zenova IP, and Zenova IR.

Zenova is a provider of paints for the fire protection market and the insulation of homes and commercial buildings. With thorough testing and case studies demonstrating reduced energy consumption and improved EPC ratings as well as fire ratings, the distinctive performance qualities of Zenova products, are rapidly becoming recognized more broadly in the industry.

Zenova’s plan, with its expanding group of partners, is to improve both fire safety, as well as the insulation required around the world for homes and businesses alike to provide carbon reduction solutions in the fight against the impacts of global warming.

Commenting on the Dulux Decorator Centre appointment Thomas Melchior, CEO of Zenova Group PLC, saidHaving a global house hold name such as Dulux Decorator Centre appointed as a Zenova stockist  is an important milestone in the Zenova growth story. As well as the endorsement afforded to Zenova products by an industry leader, it provides a material extension to our current sales team through the Dulux Decorator Centre network across its 230 plus stores and specialist specification teams.” 

For further information please contact:

Zenova Group PLC
Thomas Melchior, Chief Executive Officer

Fiona Rodford, Executive Vice Chairperson

Via Orana Corporate LLP:
Anthony Eastman
Tel: +44 20 3475 6834
SPARK Advisory Partners Limited (Nominated Adviser)
Matt Davis / Adam Dawes Tel: +44 20 3368 3550
SI Capital Limited (Broker)
Nick Emerson Tel: +44 1483 413 500


About Zenova Group PLC

The Group, through Zenova Ltd, is the holder of intellectual property that underpins a suite of fire safety and temperature management products and technology. The product range is applicable to industrial, commercial, and residential markets. The Group’s products include fire retardant paints, insulating paints and render, fire extinguishing fluid and fire extinguishers. Through innovative development, and a refined formulation and development process, Zenova provides industry leading solutions across a range of fire protection and temperature management problems, comprising:

Zenova FP, fire protection paint

A water based, fire protection paint (also known as a ‘thermofoaming’ or ‘intumescent’ paint), which can be used on any surface and colour matched to any colour. When exposed to heat or flames, the paint expands and creates a solid foam-like crust which will not burn and insulates the surface it is painted on. This prevents surfaces from catching fire and stops fire spreading.  It has been tested by global fire industry experts and complies with UK building regulations and the latest UK and European fire safety standards.

Zenova IP, thermal insulation paint

A thermal insulation paint embeds the most modern insulating technology in a thermos-like ultra-thin layer.  It saves energy by increasing the thermal insulation level in commercial and residential buildings. Solar heat can increase the temperature within a building by 75% to 90%. Zenova IP has been independently tested and validated to deflect, absorb and dissipate up to 75% of this heat, thereby reducing the inside temperature by up to 45%.  Suitable for both exterior and interior, on any type of surface

Zenova IR, thermal insulation render

Zenova IR is a ready mixed insulation render that can be applied to internal and external walls in commercial and residential buildings to provide immediate insulation benefits and can be colour matched to any colour.

Zenova FX, fire extinguishers

A fire extinguisher like no other. It puts out class A, B, F, E fires fully tested against European EN3 as well as British standards. Available in 6 and 9 litre sizes.

Zenova FX500, aerosol fire extinguisher

The Zenova FX500 is a high performance handheld fire extinguisher that is tested by independent experts and adheres to the highest industry standards.   Safe for use on any type of fire the Zenova FX500 reduces the risk of reignition. The Zenova FX 500 is quick, easy and safe to operated and has been tested to BS6165 standard.

Zenova WB, wildfire barrier

A wildfire barrier fluid (applied via spray wands or aerial drops), which provides a virtual barrier where fire simply will not burn. Repeated tests on a variety of extremely dry wildfire fuels (grasses, hays, brush) demonstrates the incredible fire resistance Zenova WB provides, while remaining viable after application for 30+ days in dry conditions.

Zenova CS, ceiling sprinkler

Blending the best features of both detectors and extinguishers while avoiding the drawbacks of each. It senses heat rather than smoke, resulting in less false alarms, and it’s an automatic system that doesn’t require a battery or a person to operate it. The modular Zenova CS unit expels 2.4 – 4.8 L of proprietary Zenova FX suppression fluid at high-pressure to suppress the source of a fire, yet maintains visibility that allows occupants to evacuate quickly.

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