Products - Zenova

ZENOVA IP thermal insulating coating embeds the most modern insulating technology in a thermos-like ultra-thin layer. 

Products - Zenova

Also known as intumescent  paint, ZENOVA FP is a fire-resistant water-based paint that prevents the ignition and spread of fire.

Products - Zenova

ZENOVA IR is a thermal insulating render coating for internal and external walls in commercial and residential buildings to provide immediate insulation benefits.

Zenova FX, a fire extinguisher that is effective and safe to use on all types of fires, taking the guesswork out of tackling workplace fires. Independently tested and proven effective on all types of fires.​

Zenova CS blends the best features of both detectors and extinguishers while avoiding the drawbacks of each, sensing heat rather than smoke.​

Used as an additional measure to create an effective fire stop in wildfire areas, Zenova WB is a long term retardant that lasts for weeks after application to protect dry vegetation from combustion. 

Zenova offers much-needed innovation in the fire protection and thermal insulation spaces. Cost effective and easy to apply, Zenova’s paint solutions have passed rigorous third-party testing at reputable testing houses both in Canada and the UK and are produced by qualified and vetted manufacturers around the globe that adhere to strict manufacturing guidelines.

Zenova’s product application thickness has been tested and verified, resulting in thin-coat applications that are more effective than existing solutions in the market.

Key benefits across all products include: