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ZENOVA CS - Ceiling Fire Suppression

Smoke detectors can warn occupants if they hear them, but they do not assist in escaping a burning structure. And if fire extinguishers can’t be found or occupants don’t know how to use them, they’re useless.

Zenova CS blends the best features of both detectors and extinguishers while avoiding the drawbacks of each. It senses heat rather than smoke, resulting in less false alarms and it’s an automatic system that doesn’t require a battery or a person to operate.

With abundant proof that today’s fires burn faster than they did 20 years ago, every second counts.

The modular Zenova CS unit expels 2.4 – 4.8 L of proprietary Zenova FX suppression fluid at high-pressure to suppress the source of the flames, yet maintains visibility that allows occupants to evacuate quickly. Each unit can protect an area up to 16’ by 16’, assuming a ceiling height between 8 and 12 feet.

Zenova Cs
Zenova Cs - Zenova

Reasons to use Zenova CS

The Science:

Fuel, oxygen and heat create the triangle of fire which is the pillar for all fires. Most extinguishing media on the market today focus on removing one of the three (dry powder and foam primarily try to take away the oxygen).

 ZENOVA CS attacks the fire on two fronts;

  1. immediately suffocates the fire and removes the oxygen
  2. instantly removes the heat which vastly reduces re-ignition

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