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Zenova FX - Fire Extinguisher Range

  • Do all of your staff know which extinguisher to use for which fire?
  • Do they all know when to use a water extinguisher?
  • Do they all know when to use a CO2 extinguisher?
  • Do they all know when to use a foam extinguisher?
  • Do they all know when to use a dry powder extinguisher?
  • Do they all know when to use a wet chemical extinguisher?


If they choose the wrong one, not only will it be ineffective in putting the fire out, thereby unnecessarily putting them in harm’s way, but it could actually make the fire far worse!

The danger of the fire itself has suddenly morphed into a much larger potential liability issue with ill-trained employees causing more harm than good.

Zenova Fx - 9L Fire ExtinguisherZenova is about to change all of this. Introducing Zenova FX, a fire extinguisher that is effective and safe to use on all types of fires, taking the guesswork out of tackling workplace fires. Independently tested and proven effective on all types of fires, Zenova FX comes in a range of sizes; 9L, 6L, and a convenient 600ml aerosol using bag-on-valve technology (which can be used at any angle in tight spaces). Made from environmentally friendly ingredients, the runoff from the use of Zenova FX, even in large quantities, will not adversely affect water systems it may unintentionally enter.

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Reasons to use Zenova FX

The Science:

Fuel, oxygen and heat create the triangle of fire which is the pillar for all fires. Most extinguishing media on the market today focus on removing one of the three (dry powder and foam primarily try to take away the oxygen).

 ZENOVA FX attacks the fire on two fronts;

  1. immediately suffocates the fire and removes the oxygen
  2. instantly removes the heat which vastly reduces re-ignition

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