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ZENOVA WB - Wildfire Barrier

Introducing Zenova WB, a wildfire barrier fluid (applied via spray wands or aerial drops), which provides a virtual barrier where fire simply will not burn. Repeated tests on a variety of extremely dry wildfire fuels (grasses, hays, brush) demonstrates the incredible fire resistance Zenova WB provides, while remaining viable after application for 30+ days in dry conditions.

By creating an effective fire stop, ZENOVA WB provides essential property and personal protection for dwellings, buildings, people or wildlife that find themselves in harm’s way when these devastating fires happen.

Zenova Wb

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Watch as our logo is revealed. A tray of hay is ignited, and the logo area was treated with our Zenova WB Wildfire Barrier product. 

A demonstration of untreated hay vs. treated hay with just 100ml of our proprietary Zenova WB Wildfire Barrier fluid applied.

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Toxicology Report

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Wildfires may have existed since the dawn of time but there is little doubt that the climate crisis and global warming are changing how, where and when they occur. We believe that Zenova WB can play an important role in helping to prevent and tackle them.

“The Zenova WB fluid is clearly an effective product for use as part of wildland firefighting toolkits” – wildFIRE Lab, University of Exeter.

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