Zenova’s range of products have applications across a number of sectors, in virtually every part of the globe. Whether it’s protecting electric car battery compartments from the spread of fire, or insulating temporary housing units in the scorching desert climate of the Middle East, Zenova’s solutions are helping modernize and improve the safety of both new, and retrofit projects.

Whether you are a social housing provider, local authority, property developer, private landlord, or homeowner, improving the insulation and fire safety of housing has never been more urgent or important.

At Zenova we have developed a range of innovative insulation and fire safety products that have passed the most rigorous of independent testing programmes and are suitable for both new constructions and retrofitting.

The oil & gas industry is constantly innovating, and the need for effective fire safety, thermal insulation, and anti-corrosion measures is of the utmost importance. The lifespan of assets is also extended considerably with built-in corrosion protection features. Whether it’s passively protecting various substrates from the spread of accidental fire or offering immediate energy savings from painted thermal coatings, Zenova’s products offer low-cost, highly-efficient improvements.

From passenger vehicles to commercial transportation, Zenova has solutions for a variety of applications. Although today’s cars are safer than ever, the spread of fire is still an area in need of improvement and further innovation. Zenova FP can help compartmentalize the spread of accidental fires in areas such as the battery compartments of electric vehicles. For commercial transport, Zenova IP can help maintain a climate-controlled environment much more efficiently, thereby reducing energy costs and helping to avoid cargo spoilage.

Much like the automotive industry, the marine industry can greatly benefit by implementing Zenova’s solutions to protect people and property from the risk of accidental fires. Whether its passively protecting from the spread of fire, or painting an insulating barrier inside refrigerated compartments of all manner of commercial vessels to improve operational efficiencies Zenova’s solutions will undoubtedly make water travel safer and container shipping more efficient for all types of marine vessels.

Few things are as terrifying as an accidental fire outbreak in fixed quarters when travelling at 30,000 feet in the air! While the risk to personal safety is the primary concern, highly valuable, and oftentimes highly flammable, cargo is sent via air freight every day in every part of the globe. The airline industry must employ the latest in active and passive fire protection for all types of fires, and that’s where Zenova’s innovative solutions come in.

Whether it’s a retrofit commercial project or a new residential build, Zenova’s affordable solutions provide unparalleled fire and thermal protection. As an example, since the tragic Grenfell fire many buildings across the UK, particularly in the social housing sector, do not conform with fire safety regulations. Zenova offers local authorities and building officials solutions for short and long term conformance.

Whether it’s a social housing project needing to improve the fire rating of existing entry doors (without having to replace them) or new legislation mandating improved energy efficiency, Zenova has solutions to fit many government-driven needs. 

Zenova’s products have been developed with the environment in mind and
to make a positive lasting impact. They are manufactured using non-toxic
and environmentally friendly ingredients, and their uses have a positive impact on the environment including by reducing energy usage through improving building insulation, and lessening CO2 emissions from fires by reducing the likelihood of them happening, and making them easier to