Whether it’s a social housing project needing to improve the fire rating of existing entry doors (without having to replace them) or new legislation mandating improved energy efficiency, Zenova has solutions to fit many government-driven needs. 

As legislation changes so do requirements for all levels of government to comply with these new changes. This requires compliance across the board, for government projects as well as private sector projects that are impacted. Many of these projects relate to fire safety improvements to ensure the latest advancements are implemented as modern, more flammable, building materials are increasingly prevalent. Another rising trend seen at all levels of government is the increasing need for improved energy efficiency to reduce our collective carbon footprints. In order to be widely adopted, these advancements must be effective, easy to apply in a retrofit or new build scenario, and ideally more cost effective than traditional approaches.

Zenova checks all of these boxes.

Governments all over the world are preparing to implement new plans that would require commercial and industrial building owners to receive a rating for the energy and carbon performance of large commercial and industrial buildings and publicly report it. Companies and building owners must be mindful of and responsible for how efficiently they use resources as a result of this.

Zenova’s wide range of products currently available to government agencies, companies, and building owners make it easier to stay current with today’s building and fire safety needs. Just a few of the government agencies that can benefit from Zenova’s solutions:

  • Emergency Services (fire service, forest fire service)
  • Social Housing
  • Historic Preservation
  • Building Inspection & Conformance
  • Construction Association (Tendering)
  • Government Architecture
  • Government Archives

Sector Specific Products

Zenova Ip - Insulation Paint

Zenova IP

ZENOVA IP thermal insulating coating embeds the most modern insulating technology in a thermos-like ultra-thin layer. 

Zenova Fp - Fire Protection Paint

Zenova FP

Also known as intumescent or thermofoaming paint, ZENOVA FP is a heat-resistant water-based paint that prevents the ignition and spread of fire.

Zenova Ir - Insulation Render

Zenova IR

ZENOVA IR thermal insulating coating can be used on its own or added with concrete and plaster for a render application to internal and external walls in commercial and residential buildings to provide immediate insulation benefits. 

Sector Specific News