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The harsh demands of the oil and gas frontiers necessitate continuous monitoring to preserve assets. Since the footprint of these infrastructures is so large and the locations often very remote, this comes with substantial monitoring costs. When you add in the global nature of many oil and gas firms, you’ve got a formula for massive operating costs.

Two of the biggest ongoing issues facing oil & gas operators are corrosion and insulation.

Corrosion is one of the most serious issues plaguing oil and gas producers, since their pipelines, storage tanks, and oil platforms are exposed to some of the world’s harshest climatic conditions. Corrosion triggers a slew of issues, ranging from decreased productivity to the most apparent disaster – oil spills.

Insulation is often used in pipelines to keep fluid temperatures above the point where hydrate or paraffin formation can occur, resulting in limited or blocked flow and lower output. Asphalt and coal tar, tape wrap, two-layer extruded polyethylene, fusion-bonded epoxy, three-layer polyolefin, and multicomponent composite are some of the pipeline coating systems available.

More specifically, many of the petrochemical industry’s most important challenges stem from corrosion under insulation (CUI), including forced shutdowns, lost production, premature repair and replacement, as well as safety and environmental effects that can cost millions of dollars per occurrence. If conventional coatings are used, the insulation produces a terrarium on the steel, guaranteeing corrosion. The insulation then conceals the corrosion, preventing it from being spotted until it is too late. CUI is sneaky since it may go undetected before the insulation is removed for inspection or leaks occur. Rain, flooding, washdowns, and sprinkler systems, as well as exposure to humidity, or constant condensation and evaporation of atmospheric conditions, may all cause water penetration.

Zenova IP can offer oil & gas companies with ongoing ROI, as the energy savings from painted thermal coatings continues year after year. And the lifespan of assets is extended considerably with built-in corrosion protection features.

Sector Specific Products

Zenova Ip - Insulation Paint

Zenova IP

ZENOVA IP thermal insulating coating embeds the most modern insulating technology in a thermos-like ultra-thin layer. 

Zenova Fp - Fire Protection Paint

Zenova FP

Also known as intumescent or thermofoaming paint, ZENOVA FP is a heat-resistant water-based paint that prevents the ignition and spread of fire.

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Corrosion is one of the biggest problems faced by oil & gas companies as their pipelines, storage tanks, and oil platforms are exposed to the harshest climatic conditions in the world. And with corrosion comes all kinds of problems, from efficiency losses to the most obvious catastrophe - oil spillages.…

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