ASTM C518-17 Testing for Zenova IR

ASTM C518-17 Testing for Zenova IR


The ASTM C518-17 test measures thermal transmission through a wide range of specimen properties and environmental conditions. It aims to determine the thermal conductivity of a product.

Description of Test

This test was carried out on three (3) 9mm samples to determine the thermal conductivity value of Zenova IR thermal insulation render.

Test Results

The average thermal conductivity value across the three samples was 0.069 W/mK and shows that Zenova IR thermal insulation render has very low thermal conductivity. By contrast, the thermal conductivity of ordinary cement and sand-based plaster is 0.71 W/mK.

Zenova IR Overview

ZENOVA IR thermal insulating coating can be used on its own or mixed with concrete and plaster for a render application to internal and external walls in commercial and residential buildings to provide immediate insulation benefits. 

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