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Zenova ‘Fire Investigation Demonstrations’

Zenova ‘Fire Investigation Demonstrations’

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Zenova ‘Fire Investigation Demonstrations’

Zenova Group PLC (AIM: ZED) has commissioned Gardiner Associates Training and Research to undertake live demonstrations of its Zenova FP fire protection paint in various environments, including furnished domestic rooms.

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Published: July 4, 2022


Zenova Group PLC (AIM: ZED), a provider of innovative fire safety and heat management technology and products, is pleased to announce that it has commissioned Gardiner Associates Training and Research (GATR) to undertake live demonstrations of its Zenova FP fire protection paint in various environments, including furnished domestic rooms.

Taking place in mid-August and early September, those attending the demonstration events will include experts from the insurance sector, fire & rescue services and police services.

GATR is Europe’s largest provider of fire investigation training programmes and over the past 25 yrs. have delivered hundreds of theory and hands-on practical courses to thousands of representatives from UK and overseas fire & rescue services, police services, the forensic providers and insurance industry.

Commenting on the events, Tony Crawley, CEO of Zenova Group PLC, said: “GATR are at the forefront of fire investigation training in the UK and have one of the most comprehensive facilities dedicated to fire-investigation and related activities outside of the USA.

“By partnering with GATR we can demonstrate the benefits of Zenova FP fire protection paint in ‘real life’ room setups, including how it stops the spread of fire, protects substrates, limits a fire’s intensity, and reduces the amount of water needed to tackle a fire, and the associated water damage. All of these are important factors for those who fight fires, investigate their origin, behaviour and causes, and insure properties against fire risks.

“Improving fire safety is of such critical importance, especially in properties housing the vulnerable, in multi-occupancy buildings and high-rise apartment blocks, and also commercial and industrial properties which are sometimes overlooked. We hope that by providing these demonstrations, we can increase understanding and awareness of Zenova FP fire protection paint amongst the various fire experts who will be attending, and highlight the benefits it brings to fire investigation and in helping reduce insurance costs and losses.

“As is the case with all the testing and demonstrations Zenova undertakes, we look forward to sharing video, results, and feedback once the events have been concluded.”


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Zenova Group PLC
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Tel: +44 20 3475 6834
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About Zenova Group PLC:

The Group, through Zenova Ltd, is the holder of intellectual property that underpins a suite of fire safety and temperature management products and technology. The product range is applicable to industrial, commercial, and residential markets. The Group’s products include fire retardant paints, insulating paints and render, fire extinguishing fluid and applications. Through innovative development, and a refined formulation and development process, Zenova provides industry leading solutions across a range of fire protection and temperature management problems, comprising:

Zenova FP

A water-based fire-resistant paint that prevents ignition and spread of fire. It can be used in commercial, industrial and domestic applications on a variety of materials, from wood to metal.

Zenova FX

Patent pending fire extinguisher filled with proprietary Zenova Fluid (Zenova FXB) that extinguishes all types of fires, reduces chances of re-ignition, works in cold (-15 ̊C) conditions, is non-toxic and does not produce harmful by-products.

Zenova IP

Thermal insulating paint that creates a thermal barrier, provides thermal reflection of sunrays & infrared radiation, anti-condensation and anti-mould properties. It can be applied to virtually any exterior or interior material, regardless of the surface.

Zenova IR

Thermal insulating render to enhance the effectiveness of insulation by creating a thermo shield. It fills all cavities and gaps regardless of geometric shape and creates a vacuum – the most effective insulator.

Zenova CS

Patent pending next generation ceiling sprinkler filled with proprietary Zenova Fluid (Zenova FXB) that removes the need to install large fluid tanks, piping, complicated equipment and software. This sprinkler could be installed in the kitchen.

The Group has achieved this without compromising the sustainability of natural and economical resources, including personal health and safety, with ecologically sound products.
Further information on the Group can be found atzenovagroup.com


About Gardiner Associates Training and Research (GATR)

Since the original company was founded in 1996, GATR has continued to assemble multi-discipline, world class, teams of fire investigation practitioners and other subject matter experts. Collectively the GATR team of subject matter experts, bring a high levels of knowledge and energy to fire investigation training, professional assessment and research activities.

The company ethos is to deliver training by experts who possess and practice intrinsic skills in the specific subject areas that they teach, under the banner of ‘Live, Learn and Pass It On’.

The team continues to provide a range of ‘best value’ training options. Further information on GATR can be found at www.gardinerassociates.com


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