Zenova History

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Our Journey in Transforming the Industry

The genesis of Zenova Group Plc was founded in January 2020, bringing cutting edge innovation to the world of fire safety and insulation. Driven by the same aim to reform the landscape of fire safety in an industry which hadn’t seen any technological advancement for more than five decades, Tony Crawley and the technical team developed the ideas for the current Zenova products.

The first products developed were the fire paint, Zenova FP and the fire extinguishing fluid, Zenova FX. The core premise of these products is what led the way for the rest of the Zenova brand: more effective and simple-to-use products that were also environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

The first two ground-breaking fire protection products caught the attention of Dr Etrur Albani. Realising the far-reaching benefits of the innovation behind the Zenova products, he joined the company and helped it to expand into the insulation space, leading to the development of the insulating paint and render, Zenova IP and Zenova IR.

The growing need for the Zenova products in the fire protection and insulation industry was immediately apparent. As the Zenova team continued to work towards further innovations to tackle and prevent fires, expanding into patent-pending hardware technology, the demand for Zenova’s cutting-edge products was already racing in. With the ever-increasing scrutiny facing the fire prevention sector, certification was crucial to meet this interest from the highly regulated world of building safety and so in December 2020, Zenova began the process of gaining global certification for its products via independent accredited lab testing.

Zenova has grown into a company with the latest technology available in fire safety and thermal insulation, offering products that save on many levels – life, property, & energy. Zenova is currently in the process of securing further investment to expand the reach to global markets as well as to fund its continued R&D, ensuring the company remains ahead of the curve with pioneering technology.