Our Journey in Transforming the Industry

Even though Zenova Limited was founded in January 2020, the journey towards bringing cutting edge innovation to the world of fire safety and insulation started back in 2017, in London, when the original founders met. Working with the London Fire Brigade Tony Crawley was introduced to professional fire fighter, Graeme Sargent and entrepreneur Shawn Pringle. Driven by the same aim to reform the landscape of fire protection products in an industry which hadn’t seen any technological advancement for more than five decades, they created the idea for the current Zenova products.

Over the next three years they further developed Zenova FP, which can be used on any material and, unlike other products, with a very thin application. Encouraged by R&D results, the team realized the growing need for more effective and simple-to-use products. Products that were also environmentally friendly and non-toxic. While working towards further innovations to tackle and prevent fires, they expanded into patent-pending hardware technology.

These two ground breaking products led the way to further innovations. In 2020 Zenova IP was developed, followed soon after by Zenova IR. With the ever-increasing scrutiny facing the fire prevention sector, certification was crucial to meet the interest already racing in from the highly regulated world of building safety, so in December 2020, Zenova began the process of gaining global certification for its products via independent accredited lab testing.

The appeal and interest of the Zenova range was immediately apparent to everyone introduced to it and it was no surprise that there was exceptional demand in the market for Zenova’s cutting-edge products. In order to continue to be ahead of the curve with cutting edge accredited technology via further R&D and expand the reach to global markets, Zenova plans to seek further investment.

Starting from three people with a desire to challenge the status quo of fire protection, Zenova has grown into a company with the latest technology available in fire safety and thermal insulation. Thanks to a diverse growing global team with years of industry-specific experience, Zenova is uniquely positioned to offer products in many sectors both protecting lives and property as well as increasing energy efficiency.