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Launch of Zenova WB: A new anti-wildfire product

Launch of Zenova WB: A new anti-wildfire product

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Launch of Zenova WB: A new anti-wildfire product

“The Zenova WB fluid is clearly an effective product for use as part of wildland firefighting toolkits” – wildFIRE Lab, University of Exeter.

Published: October 12, 2021


“The Zenova WB fluid is clearly an effective product for use as part of wildland firefighting toolkits” – wildFIRE Lab, University of Exeter.

Zenova Group PLC (“Zenova”, the “Company” or the “Group”), a provider of innovative fire safety and heat management technology and products, is pleased to announce the launch of its Zenova WB wildfire product following a number of highly successful tests. Importantly the product has now also been embraced by the University of Exeter’s highly respected wildFIRE Lab, an independent organisation that conducts leading research on fire behaviour and fire effects on ecosystems.

In standard laboratory-controlled conditions Zenova WB prevented ignition and flaming of dry grass fuels that were treated with it. Moreover, despite exposures to temperatures of ~750oC, no heat was emitted from the dry-grass fuel and smouldering was prevented. A short video of the product in action can be viewed at the following link: https://zenovagroup.com/products/zenova-wb/

The testing was led by Professor Claire Belcher, Director of the wildFIRE lab at the University of Exeter and a renowned expert in the transmission and causes of wildfires.
Following the studies she commented:

“We tested Zenova WB fluid in controlled conditions in the laboratory and I was amazed by its ability to prevent ignition and spread of fire in dry grassy fuels, which are typically the most ignitable fuel across many landscapes. I really look forward to working with the Zenova team in the future, to conduct trials on multiple vegetation substrates, both in the laboratory and during real landscape scale wildfire settings.”

This announcement of the successful testing and subsequent endorsement of Zenova WB marks the formal launch of Zenova WB which has been designed, developed and manufactured by Zenova’s in-house team of fire safety experts. The expectation from the Company is for Zenova WB to play a crucial global role in the tackling of wildfires, both helping to suppress an outbreak and also as a pre-emptive treatment measure for those areas deemed particularly high-risk.

The company’s CEO, Tony Crawley, commented:
“This test by a renowned academic institution that is world leading in wildfire research validates the clear potential of Zenova WB fluid at the highest level“.

“Wildfires are threatening lives, homes, infrastructure and wildlife and Zenova WB fluid can efficiently and economically tackle this problem globally by preventing wildfire spread.

Our existing products have strong environmental credentials and Zenova WB is no different, with tests showing the product can be applied without damaging the local environment.

We look forward to providing innovative solutions to all parts of the world affected by wildfires as we expand our operations internationally.”




Zenova Group PLC
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Tel: +44 20 3475 6834
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Note to Editors:

The Group, through Zenova Ltd, is the holder of intellectual property that underpins a suite of fire safety and temperature management products and technology. The product range is applicable to industrial, commercial, and residential markets. The Group’s products include fire retardant paints, insulating paints and render, fire extinguishing fluid and applications. Through innovative development and a refined formulation and development process, Zenova provides industry-leading solutions across a range of fire protection and temperature management problems, comprising:


Zenova FP

A water-based fire-resistant paint that prevents ignition and spread of fire. It can be
used in commercial, industrial, and domestic applications on variety of materials, from
wood to metal.


Zenova FX

Patent pending fire extinguisher, filled with proprietary Zenova Fluid (Zenova FXB) that
extinguishes all types of fires, reduces chances of re-ignition, works in cold (-15 ̊C)
conditions, is non-toxic and does not produce harmful by-products.


Zenova IP

Thermal insulating paint that provides thermal reflection of sunrays & infrared
radiation, anti-condensation, and anti-mould properties. It can be applied to virtually
any exterior or interior material, regardless of the surface.

Zenova IR

Thermal insulating render to enhance the effectiveness of insulation by creating a
thermo shield. It fills all cavities and gaps regardless of geometric shape and creates
a vacuum – the most effective insulator.

Zenova CS

Patent pending next generation ceiling sprinkler, filled with proprietary Zenova Fluid
(Zenova FXB) that removes the need to install large fluid tanks, piping, complicated
equipment and software. This sprinkler could be installed in the kitchen.
The Group has achieved this without compromising the sustainability of natural and
economical resources, including personal health and safety, with ecologically sound

Further information on the Group can be found at www.zenovagroup.com

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