Zenova Fx500 - Zenova

Zenova Fx500 - Zenova

Fire safety in our everyday lives is not something most of us consider.

When a fire does start:

  • Would you know which fire extinguisher to use?
  • Would you have this type of fire extinguisher easily accessible?
  • Would you know how to operate it?

With the Zenova FX500 you never have to worry about this again!

Designed to be portable, highly effective and easy to operate, the Zenova FX500 has been independently tested and is safe to use on any type of fire.

Zenova Fx500 - Zenova

The Zenova FX500 - Remove confusion

Zenova Fx500 - Zenova


Reasons to use Zenova FX500

Tested by independent experts

Easy to use and highly effective

Operate from any orientation

Operate in extreme conditions and temperatures down to -10°C / 14°F 

Stop a fire before it becomes highly destructive

Remove confusion – Safe to use on any type of fire


Fuel, oxygen and heat create the triangle of fire which is the pillar for all fires. Most extinguishing media on the market today focus on removing one of the three (dry powder and foam primarily try to take away the oxygen).

The Zenova FX500 attacks the fire on two fronts;

  1. immediately suffocates the fire and removes the oxygen
  2. instantly removes the heat which vastly reduces re-ignition
Fire Triangle

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