Zenova Bells And Two Tones Demonstration

Zenova Bells And Two Tones Demonstration

Video Description

Bells and Two Tones Fire and Rescue Limited (“B&TT”), the leading fire safety provider within the UK TV and film industry, has also supervised further fire tests conducted for a Pinewood Studios production of a major film on set for the producers and special effects providers to demonstrate
the unique effectiveness of its Zenova FP fire paint and WB wildfire barrier fluid previously purchased.

B&TT carried out a real-world test of the Zenova WB and FP products. 2 identical scaled sets were built, the sets were constructed out of 3mm ply and 2×1 batten. They both had a pitched roof with straw acting as a thatch.

One was treated with the Zenova FP 1 coat of primer and 2 topcoats on the inside and Zenova WB
was applied via a spray on the outside and the straw roof was also treated with the WB, this was
felt to offer the set maximum protection. The second set was left untreated.

Each set then had a fire set inside them and left to propagate, after 8 minutes the untreated set was reduced to a pile of ash, the set treated with Zenova products looked untouched.

Ewan Dunsire the director of Bells and Two Tones and a firefighter of 32 years said the test went
above and beyond expectations and commented that there was now no excuse to lose a set here
in the UK to fire ever again.

After the fire in the treated set burnt itself out without any damage to the structure, the FP was
scrapped off the inside and the ply underneath was untouched.

Zenova FP Overview

Also known as thermofoaming paint or Intumescent Paint, ZENOVA FP is a fire-resistant water-based paint that prevents the ignition and spread of fire.

As a result of being exposed to heat, the intumescent paint swells and creates a light char foam, increasing in volume and decreasing in density. The heat transfer from the flames to the substrate is thereby greatly diminished. Treated materials become isolated from elements that maintain fire combustion since the paint turns into an insulating protective membrane.

Zenova WB Overview

Introducing Zenova WB, a wildfire barrier fluid (applied via spray wands or aerial drops), which provides a virtual barrier where fire simply will not burn. Repeated tests on a variety of extremely dry wildfire fuels (grasses, hays, brush) demonstrates the incredible fire resistance Zenova WB provides, while remaining viable after application for 30+ days in dry conditions.

By creating an effective fire stop, ZENOVA WB provides essential property and personal protection for dwellings, buildings, people or wildlife that find themselves in harm’s way when these devastating fires happen.