Zenova FX Heptane Fire Demo

Zenova FX Heptane Fire Demo

Video Description

In this demonstration of our Zenova FX fluid we filled a test tray with heptane. We then allowed the it to become fully aflame.

The normal method of extinguishing this type of fire would be with foam. You would have to create a blanket of foam on the diesel fire to suffocate the flames and apply multiple layers over a period of time to stop reignition. This requires training to be able to do this correctly and safely.

Once up to temperature we can attack the fire with Zenova FX, no particular technique is required as the FX knocks down the fire by breaking down the fire on a chemical level, while also removing the heat and suffocating it. There is NO re-ignition.

Zenova FX Overview

Introducing Zenova FX, a fire extinguisher that is effective and safe to use on all types of fires, taking the guesswork out of tackling workplace fires. Independently tested and proven effective on all types of fires, Zenova FX comes in a range of sizes; 9L, 6L, and a convenient 600ml aerosol using bag-on-valve technology (which can be used at any angle in tight spaces).

Made from environmentally friendly ingredients, the runoff from the use of Zenova FX, even in large quantities, will not adversely affect water systems it may unintentionally enter.