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Electric cars are safe, but can they be safer?

Electric cars are safe, but can they be safer?

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Electric cars are safe, but can they be safer?

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Published: February 1, 2021


The short answer, yes. While today’s electric vehicles are equipped with the latest safety technology such as collision avoidance and impact resistance, they are still one of the most dangerous modes of personal transportation. To highlight this point, there have been several vehicle recalls confirming the dangers of the battery cells in electric vehicles. “The affected vehicles’ cell packs have the potential to smoke and ignite internally, which could spread to the rest of the vehicle and cause a structure fire if parked inside a garage or near a house,” said the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Some of the more high-profile recalls include:

February 2021 – Hyundai said it will recall 82,000 electric vehicles at a cost of US$900-million to replace batteries due to incidences of electrical fires
November 2020 – General Motors recalls almost 69,000 Chevy Bolts following reports of at least five battery fires in vehicles made between 2017 and 2019
October 2020 – BMW recalls 26,900 plug-in hybrids for fire concerns, says not to charge them
August 2020 – Ford recalls 27,000 plug-in hybrids over battery safety concerns as overheating could occur when the vehicle is parked, unattended, or being charged
June 2019 – Volkswagen AG luxury brand Audi recalls its first all-electric vehicle due to the risk of a battery fire

Fire safety concerns aren’t isolated to electric cars, of course. Gasoline-powered vehicles also catch fire, and when they do the damage is often horrific. With combustible plastics and cushioning, vehicles are a lot more flammable than most people think.

By protecting the passenger compartments of all vehicles with fire-stopping paint, or painting the high-hazard zones such as engine bays and battery compartments, Zenova FP can vastly improve the safety of passengers and cargo in the event of a fire.

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